Hotel holds paranormal investigation amid reports of ‘footsteps and creepy sightings’

The Shrubbery Hotel, in Somerset, held a supernatural investigation on Sunday after reports of “hair pulling” on the site

A hotel has held a paranormal investigation amid reports of “footsteps”, “disembodied voices” and “hair pulling”.

The Shrubbery Hotel in Ilminster, Somerset, held the event on Sunday evening with Somerset Paranormal Investigators UK (SPI UK).

They said that the hotel manager described a history of paranormal activity which included “several” sightings of a cavalier in the dining room as well as hearing disembodied voices and the sensation of being touched in the kitchen and cellar.

There have also been reports of phones ringing reception from unoccupied rooms and sightings of the previous owner of the hotel.

On Sunday evening, attendees split into teams Scooby-Doo-style, and investigated different areas of the hotel for “unknown activity”.

The SPI UK lead investigator said: “We use scientific equipment, and some of the older methods to investigate.”

She said that the group experienced interference on their walkie talkies that “mimicked the team’s voices”.

She said: “Everyone in the group heard our own voices come through asking for other team members when we were clearly standing on camera not touching the walkie talkies.”

They also heard “disembodied males voices” calling out the name ‘Elizabeth’, which was reportedly the name of the first owner’s wife.

Attendees also reported having their hair pulled upwards, touches, and whistling was heard in the building.

Most of the SPI UK team members said they have previously experienced paranormal activity and joined the group “to learn more and to try to find answers to things that they couldn’t explain”.

Last month a team of investigators were chased out of Fort Gilkicker in Hampshire, after spirits “tried to electrocute them”.

Beth Ferguson, 42, her wife Tony, 37, and a team of experts travelled to the abandoned fort.

They claim they heard evil laughter, and footsteps behind them before Tony received a sharp shock to his hand.